Friday, August 13, 2010

I finished my dress! Be impressed.

Behold! The first dress I have ever made! Please feel free to be impressed. 
I wanted a pure white sundress for summer, so I made this one using a pretty, eyelet-like fabric. I used the Honeygirl dress pattern from Pretty Ditty. It was great for a beginner like me, because the stretchy bodice and a-line skirt do not require much fitting or tayloring. I made most of the dress before we moved at the end of May, and then it hung, un-hemmed in my new closet for weeks. Why, you ask? No one knows. Finally yesterday I hemmed the lining with a machine, and then used an invisible stitch to hem the main skirt. Done. 

I had to improvise a lining because the white fabric was too sheer by itself for the skirt. There were no directions for a lining in the pattern, but how hard can it be? You just replicate the skirt right? Mmmm, sort of. Looking back, it might have been helpful if I had looked at the awesome Readers Digest sewing book from the late 70s that my mum gave me. I think I was impatient. I worked through it, and it came out fine. But I did learn some things, and next time I know what I will do differently. 

I had to take it in some while I was constructing it to make it fit better, so I recommend trying it on as you go. I did not line the bodice, because it is shirred with elastic thread, which scrunches the fabric together, and as you can see, there is also a big ruffle on the bust. It also helps that I wear a nude colored strapless bra under it. 

I am happy with how it turned out and I am glad I still have some Summer left to wear it in. The picture of me wearing the yellow wrap sweater is me showcasing more of a "late Summer to early Fall" look.

Nest sewing project is another dress. I am going to make a different version of this dress that the designer posted directions for on her blog here. This time I am using one fabric for the bust and another for the skirt, so stay tuned...


  1. great job! i can't wait to see how the other version turns out!

  2. Looks great! I love the ruffle detail - it's so cute peeking out of the sweater!