Friday, June 18, 2010

Settling In

Sigh. So we moved to Kansas City. We drove in about two and a half weeks ago. Right now we are living in Liberty, just north-east of the city. Liberty is good ole' small town America, and John's parents live out in the country. After our long drive from Gainesville, we rounded those familiar country roads in the orange light of a summer evening, and the long leaning prairie grasses greeted us with a cheerful wave. There was family to welcome us, and fireflies to adorn the dewy darkness of the cool summer night. We have been getting unpacked and settled in to our little bedroom and bathroom suite downstairs. We have very much made it our own space, thanks to the graciousness of John's parents (will share pictures in another post). Right away, John went to work applying at ad agencies and design firms, and devising the most creative "cover letter" I've ever seen (which we will be putting together by hand, once the pieces are printed). I followed up on my paperwork to enroll as a "Special Instructor/Developmental Specialist" for Missouri's early intervention agency, First Steps (google it if you want to know more). I had a slight heart attack when they changed their credentialing requirements for my provider type. For a few days I thought I may not be able to do this job right away, and then with the help of the enrollment supervisor, I figured out that I will be able to meet the new requirements. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. The sunset skies, the rolling seas of golden grass, the stately trees, the singing birds, and the floating fireflies are really a balm for my soul. The most magnificent rainbow appeared two nights ago after an early evening downpour, and I felt a promise flutter in my heart. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He refreshes my soul. My cup overflows. 

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